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Hello!! 16. Fangirl. Loves:
Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, LOTR, X-Men, Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott and more!
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Guardians of the Galaxy & Starlord Watercolor Painting

By Anthony Petrie

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School has started or will very soon so what would be better to do than to gather some great resources for a better school year?

  1. Evernote - keep your research at one place
  2. Khan Academy - over 4,200 educational videos
  3. Mathaway - helps you solve almost every math problem
  4. Cliffnotes - read and prep for school work
  5. Studious - great way to keep track of schedule
  6. iFormulas - references for mathematical formulas
  7. Pocket - save studies and articles much easier
  8. Science glossary - for those hard science words
  9. Studyblue - online flashcards for your next test
  10. Any.do - daily planner 
  11. Dropbox - don’t rely on your computer alone, make sure your notes and papers are safely uploaded online, just in case.
  12. Feed.ly  - gather all your fav websites for research or whatever in one place - I love this myself!
  13. Scribd - online library
  14. Self Control - we all know self control during work or school isn’t always around
  15. TED - lots of good presentation by interesting people
  16. Chegg - don’t have all the money for new text books? Chegg lets you rent many text books for much less than it costs to buy
  17. Duolingo - learning a new language? Then I’ll recommend this one
  18. Mint.com - make sure you’ve got your money straight 
  19. Alarmy - hard to get up in the morning? Well, this alarm makes you take a picture of your sink to turn it off!
  20. Sworkit - don’t forget that exercise will make it easier to concentrate! 

Don’t forget to look at my 27 websites for a new year - where you can find lots of other resources for health, fitness, school/work and div when starting a new year(school year too)

I’ve also got a post called 53 posts for students which contains nutrition and fitness posts especially for students!

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you son of a mumford

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be a pal and like people’s text posts. reblog their selfies. respond to their questions. even if you don’t know the answer and even if you’ve never really talked to them before. there’s nothing worse that feeling alone on a website where everyone promotes love and friendship.

This is so important. Especially that last bit. Let me emphasize it. 

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For future reference.

Thank you.

For those who would ever need it. -C

reblogging here because i can see this being relevant to anyone who’s ever tried to get out of an abusive relationship

Reblogging because that last comment made me reread the whole thing in a new light and realize this could be vital information. So, putting it out there for everyone, and hoping no one ever really needs it.

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single and ready for someone to fall in love with me already like damn

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These abandoned places are little spooky but stunning


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at least SOMEONE laughs at my jokes. it’s me. i laugh at my own jokes.

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you come back from the army where you fell in love with your commanding officer and he either rejected you because of his work or you had an affair and it ended badly; and your leg is not working for no apparent reason, and you can’t seem to fit into the life you’re…

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